10 for Singha holidays We had almost booked our combination holiday to Dubai-Sri Lanka and the Maldives with one of the larger organizations, but we were on time referred to Sri Lanka Holiday Specialist by one of my colleagues who had experience with this organization. What a relief! Where we were just a number at the other organization, where we had to wait to get answers to questions again, communication with Sri Lanka Holiday Specialist was very smooth, and it was clear and complete. The organization was perfect. Flights, hotels, excursions, transfers, information ... everything connected together despite the 'busy' agenda during the holiday, it was relaxed because we did not have to worry about it. That was all already done for us! We have been acquainted with modern and very hot Dubai in 2 days. Very impressive and fun to visit once. This destination was followed by an indescribably beautiful holiday of Sri Lanka. In 12 days time, we had 6 completely different locations on schedule. One day we sat a little longer in the car than the other, but every excursion was an experience in itself. There is so much to see, so it's a lot of traveling and really is no punishment. Sri Lanka has several sides and they are all equally impressive. After 12 days, we had not finished exploring this beautiful country. Have a little fallen in love, so that we want to have more! This was our first holiday and what we were lucky with Abi as our driver / guide. From the reception at the airport in Colombo, we felt like being in good hands. Abi tells a lot about Sri Lanka, history, culture and everything you want to know. He makes sure that you arrive safely and on time, he takes care of you so that we come everywhere on time and gives tips on the do's and don'ts. Abi was like a ninja. Once at the place of destination (whether this is a restaurant, hotel or temple), he first ensures that you are in good hands and then disappears to thick air. But he then dives immediately back again when you get moving. Really brilliant. After all the cultural velocity in Sri Lanka, we had another 4 full days Maldives left over. This is the ideal destination to help with all the impressions you have gained while traveling in Sri Lanka. First by boat to the island and resort, which is obviously too cool. Once arrived on the island, you look out your eyes. What is beautiful! The white beach and clear water, almost hurt your eyes. Of course, beautiful views, which probably never bother, but just as beautiful is the underwater world. You are addicted to snorkeling and diving here. Wow, what a crazy holiday was that!

Greetings- Erin & Edwin

Singha Holiday Specialist