The Sigiriya lion rock in Sri Lanka

You will surely visit Sigiriya during your holiday.

Sigiriya Is a rock fort of the fifth century. It is a protected UNESCO site. King Kassapa lived here between 477-495 A.D. He had an immense castle on top of the rock and was living their safely. That did not turn out to be the case. The guides on your Sri Lanka tour tell you the whole story! This lion rock is a granite monolith that rises about 200 meters above the jungle landscape. Around the rock, the gardens of the king are to be seen.A bit further are the ruins of the houses of the normal people. Halfway through the climb you hit a rock cave of the 5th century frescoes. The real heroes also climb the last piece to where the castle of King Kassapa once stood on top of the rock. Not too far away from the lion rock, you will discover two beautiful cultural sites. A visit to Dambulla and Polonnaruwa will be surely be nice as a culture lover.