Sri Lanka has much to offer, want to know more?

Sri Lanka literally means "beautiful island" en lies as the tear drop of India in the Indian Ocean. There are diverse traces of colonial influences found in Sri Lanka during colonization periods of the Dutch and the English. The Sri Lankan population is mainly Buddhist and also there are Hindus, Muslims and Burghers (The lineage of the colonists). Until 1972 Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon. In the following pages you will read more about the holidays in Sri Lanka. If you are planning to book your holiday or make a holiday through Sri Lanka, this information will surely be handy for you.

Sri Lanka holidays are amazing. Want to know why?

Why Sri Lanka?

Why would you go on a holiday to Sri Lanka and what makes it a fantastic holiday island? Singha holidays would like to give the answer to this question. Read here about all what you can see in Sri Lanka and why we have so much of holiday options for you.

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General travel information on Sri Lanka

Travel information

Here you will find useful information about the receipt of your travel documents and the other necessary documents. How it works with luggage and kinds of insurances recommended for your holiday to Sri Lanka are also mentioned.

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Explore the attractions in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka highlights

We have put for you in rows some of the highlights in Sri Lanka. It includes places but also nature reserves and temples or areas. We know that we are not complete here! You can yourself imagine what beautiful Sri Lanka has more in offer. In most holidays of Sri Lanka you visit a majority of these highlights.

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Hotels in Sri Lanka

Hotels in Sri Lanka

Hotels in Sri Lanka comes in all sorts and sizes. With Singha holidays, you can book almost all of them. With the eye on quality, we don't limit ourselves to book only simple guesthouses. The mentioned hotels are only a selection to what is possible to book in Sri Lanka through Singha holidays.

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When to travel to Sri Lanka?

When to Travel

Sri Lanka has year-round tropical temperatures. The period December- March is often the high season. In coastal areas, it is often 30 °C during the day time.In the mountainous areas the temperature is between 15-25 ° C and at night it cools even more.

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Flying to Sri Lanka

Flying to Sri Lanka

The airport taxes, fuel surcharges and security fees are included in the tickets we offer. We only book tickets as a service only to guests who book a land arrangement holiday with us. So you cannot buy only air tickets from us.

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Practical travel information on Sri Lanka

Tips for travel

Practical information about vaccinations, money matters and transfers in Sri Lanka.With Singha holidays you will receive substantial information on Sri Lanka.

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