Marry in Sri Lanka or Maldives

Marrying in Sri Lanka or the Maldives is an extremely special experience. We offer you a complete program including the legalization of the Sri Lanka marriage. A unique opportunity to give your wedding day an extraordinary tropical touch. We have packages for you either in the tropical interior of the land or on a tropical beach. There is no need for your guests to worry about their Sri Lanka experience because there is enough to experience in Sri Lanka for them too.We make a completely tailor made program for you and them. What you can see in the picture is one of our clients who got married in 2017 summer in the Maldives. Marrying in Sri Lanka or the Maldives is just the same! We will take care of all the arrangements for the guests. Do you want to involve the family or friends at your wedding in Sri Lanka? We will be happy to discuss with you on a suitable arrangement and also on attractive group discounts. Mail us your wedding wishes at