Sri Lanka and Maldives on budget

Is your budget limited and are you looking for a cheap holiday to Sri Lanka and the Maldives? Then this is the holiday you are keen on considering. Among other things, you visit the cultural triangle and make a beautiful trek through the countryside village. During this budget holiday, you stay in budget, good quality hotels. In Maldives you stay in a beautiful hotel. First take the necessary travelling to the hotel and then relax for couple of days. Ideal right!

- Stay in good quality budget hotels
- Adventurous village walk
- Jeep safari in the Yala national park
- Overnight in the Galle fort
- 3 nights in the Maldives

Your route during your Sri Lanka Holiday
Your route during your Sri Lanka Holiday

Day 1 Your Sri Lanka holiday begins with the flight to Sri Lanka

Your Sri Lanka holiday begins with the flight to Sri Lanka. You will always fly to Sri Lanka with a day difference. Flying can be done from any airport. We are happy to offer you a proposal for the flights but that doesn't mean that you can't book it yourself.

Day 2 After arrival it is only 20 minutes to Negombo

Your driver is waiting at the airport Bandaranaike, then he brings you to Negombo. Once you arrive and you've freshened up you go with the driver to Negombo and visit the bustling shopping streets in the center. You also take a boat trip on the lagoon behind Negombo. Your hotel is near the canal, made by the Dutch. The beach, shops and restaurants are all within walking distance.

Negombo city

Day 3 You visit the Dutch Village and Sigiriya

The imposing Sigiriya Lion rock
The imposing Sigiriya Lion rock

Through the special Dutch Village we drive inland to the cultural triangle. The Dutch village gives a look at the care of the elderly in Sri Lanka. You can see the lion Rock in Sigiriya from afar. It is quite a steep climb, but fortunately there is plenty to see on the way to the top. How about a cave with wall paintings from the 5th century and a staircase along the wall which starts between two lion paws?. Your cozy family hotel is located a short distance from the rock of Sigiriya.

Day 4 You make an excursion to the royal city of Polonnaruwa

Today you will visit the royal city of Polonnaruwa. You can visit the museum here and the old town in a tuk tuk, tuk-tuk is a local three-wheel taxi. There are various temples and statues of the ancient city in a vast area. Polonnaruwa has been one of the capitals in Sri Lanka and dates from the 11th and 12th centuries. It is a world heritage site.


Day 5 On the way to the eco lodge near to the village Digana

Picturesque paintings in Dambulla
Picturesque paintings in Dambulla

The Dambulla rock temple has enormous Buddha statues and imposing rock paintings. The caves are a creation of King Walagamba. In the caves you can admire sculptures and murals. It is in close proximity to the largest fruit and vegetable market of Sri Lanka which you will visit. The lovely eco-resort where you stay the next two nights lies near Digana. Here you'll experience what life is like in a rural village. Obviously you should not miss the rice and curry as traditional Sri Lankan meal her

Day 6 You make a countryside walk along with your guide

You are going today with a guide and exploring the surroundings of Digana. Digana is located near the Knuckles mountain range, which is also called Misty Mountains. In this area you will find alternate rugged mountains, small villages and tea plantations. We walk during most of the day. We take care of the lunch today taken on the way! Often the guide takes a local bus back to the resort at the end of the day. You sit are then among the tea pluckers and schoolchildren who are also on their way home. Always good to see happy faces.

Cheerful faces you meet in the bus during the Digana trekking
Cheerful faces you meet in the bus during the Digana trekking

Day 7 Today you have time for yourself in Kandy

The most important temple of the tooth

Digana is not far from Kandy We get to Kandy on time, and you have today a large part of the day for yourself to explore the city. Within walking distance of your hotel you will find the Temple streets with acquainted shops. This is the place to buy some colorful flower umbrellas that you have already seen Sri Lankan women walking with. In the evening the chauffeur takes you to the Temple of the Tooth. We try to be there on time for the special evening ceremony.

Day 8 Sleeping amongst the tea plantations

Your Sri Lanka holiday includes a visit to the Botanical garden of Kandy. It's your first stop today. Then we drive to Nuwara Eliya where we arrive in the afternoon. Along the way there is enough to see. You will notice that the landscape has changed into one huge tea garden. On one of these plantations we visit a tea factory and learn all about the different types of tea and how they are produced. Nuwara Eliya has the English post office, race course, Victoria Park and the city are must see highlights. Your little guesthouse is within walking distance from the city.

Tea pluckers in Sri Lanka

Day 9 Get up early for the walk and thereafter the train ride

On the way with train you see picturesque sceneries.
On the way with train you see picturesque sceneries.

From early morning, you've got a busy day ahead! You will be taken to the plateau Horton Plains where you make a nice walk early in the day along World's End and Baker's Falls; a view point and a waterfall. We leave early so that you have a nice sunny view from World's end. From Nanu Oya leave on your train to Ella. It is a popular ride both for tourists and locals and it may be that you are standing between smiling people during the ride along tea plantations, waterfalls and rugged mountains. Your driver waits for you again in Ella station with your luggage.

Day 10 We search leopards today in Yala

The Yala National Park is one of the largest parks in Sri Lanka. A big part of the park is mostly low grown. That increases the chance of spotting wildlife! You go with a jeep into the park and makes an extensive tour of Yala. It is one of the parks in Sri Lanka where we can spot leopards. Unfortunately, this is usually difficult. Recently our guests saw some leopards in the park.

Sometimes elephants come closer to you in Sri Lanka.
Sometimes elephants come closer to you in Sri Lanka.

Day 11 The ride to the beaches of Tangalle takes around 2 hours

The beach in front of your hotel lies on a tropical bay
The beach in front of your hotel lies on a tropical bay

Your nice beach resort is right on a bay a bit outside of Tangalla on the south coast. It's a nice place to stay and actually you have a private beach here !. You have the pristine beaches in Tangalle where sea turtles come to the beach to lay eggs. Did you know that they are always coming back to the beach where they were born? You will surely enjoy your stay at your resort which offers spacious rooms and has a nice pool.

Day 12 Beach stay in Tangalla

Day to enjoy the beach in Tangalla.

Day 13 Tonight you sleep in the star fort of Galle!

We drive along the south coast to Galle where the old Dutch star fort lies right on the sea. We pass the fisherman on stilts in the sea, called stilt fishermen. The street names, a sign above the entrance and the old Dutch Reformed Church revive old colonial times and Dutch names. You literally walk past the Dutch history in the reformed church You have plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere in Galle. You stay also at the fort. With any luck, there will be also a cricket match going on at the stadium just outside the walls of the fort, or were you there for such a beautiful sunset as we saw?

The Galle fort basking in the evening sun.
The Galle fort basking in the evening sun.

Day 14 On the way to Negombo for your last night in Sri Lanka

Via the Telwatta tsunami Photo museum we return to Negombo. Also we visit a turtle shelter where eggs are hatched here and young turtles are put back into the sea. On the main coastal road you find the Tsunami museum. The small museum (actually no more than two wooden huts) gives an impressive picture of the event and shows the recovery on the basis of photographs of workers and drawings of village children. You stay in Negombo in the same hotel which you stayed your first night.

Cheerful girl in the village of Telwatta
Cheerful girl in the village of Telwatta

Day 15 Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Male

Your driver will pick you up at the hotel and will take you to the airport for your flight to Male. There you will be welcomed and you will take a speedboat to the resort where you will stay for a few days. Because we do not like surprises, the return journey price for the transfer by speedboat is obviously included in the price of your holiday.

Day 16 Bandos Island

You stay for two whole nights at Bandos Island. We reserve the standard room for you,. It is a great room near the beach. At Bandos you can easily go diving, snorkeling or just relax. If you want to upgrade to a Deluxe room, that is possible. An upgrade to All inclusive is also possible. It is paradise here!!

Traditional boat in the Maldives
Traditional boat in the Maldives

Day 17 Bandos Island

Enjoy paradise in your tropical island.

Day 18 Bandos Island - Airport

Today you take your boat back to Male and thereafter take the return flight home.