Cambodia and Sri Lanka holiday

The first part of your holiday starts in Cambodia. Then you fly to Sri Lanka and discover the pearl of Asia India within two weeks. In Cambodia we will introduce you to the wonder of the Khmer culture of Angkor Wat. You also go by boat to the floating villages and end in Phnom Penh. Thereafter you are acquainted with the Buddhist culture and the beautiful nature of the island in Sri Lanka. It is an active trip for the real adventurers.

Day 1 Departure to Cambodia

Departure to Cambodia and the following day we arrive in Siem Reap.

Day 2 Airport - Siem Reap

At the airport of Siem Reap you are welcomed by your driver. To get to Siem Reap, you have to change (once and sometimes twice) during your flight. He takes you to the center of the city, which is not far from the airport. Here you can see the temples of Angkor Wat. You will visit them tomorrow. Often our local colleague will come visit you in the hotel. He can tell you much about Siem Reap because he has lived there for years. Accommodation will be based on Bed and Breakfast.

Day 3 Siem Reap

Your guide will pick you up at the hotel and you will go to Angkor Wat with a tuktuk. Through the southern gate we enter this immense and the ancient royal complex. Of course you visit Angkor Thom. You first visit the Bayon with the smiling stone heads. Your guide will take you to some of the must see's including the Ta Phrom Temple, which is partly bathed in by nature. After lunch, Angkor Wat is visited, which is possibly the most important archaeological site in South-East Asia. From the Bakheng hill you end the day with a sunset view. Accommodation based on Bed and Breakfast.

The overwhelming Bayon temple with numerous Buddha images
The overwhelming Bayon temple with numerous Buddha images

Day 4 Siem Reap

Also today you go partly with the tuk tuk, this time to the lake Tonle Sap. On the way you get to know the countryside and once you reach the lake, you take the boat and meanwhile come across the Floating Village. The locals live, work and sleep here on or next to the water. It is a lively place here where children are trained to go to school. You get a good impression of life on Tonle Sap lake. You also stay in Siem Reap today. Accommodation is based on Bed and Breakfast.

A Cambodian girl on the way to the lake Tonle Sap
A Cambodian girl on the way to the lake Tonle Sap

Day 5 Siem Reap

Enjoy another extra day of Siem Reap! Its your choice today! Do you want to explore the vast area of Angkor Wat, visit the cozy market in Siem Reap or otherwise relax by the pool? At least, you can enjoy delicious food in the cozy center of the city. In "Foreigner street" are most restaurants. Accommodation today too on Bed and Breakfast.

Day 6 Siem Reap - Battambang

Transfer from Sien Reap to Battambang on water. Stay today too on Bed and Breakfast basis.

Day 7 Battambang

An adventurous ride on the bamboo train in  Battambang
An adventurous ride on the bamboo train in  Battambang

Battambang is the second city of the country and looks like a (big) village on the river with beautiful colonial villas and friendly people. With your local guide you leave and explore the countryside around the city. We visit some beautiful temples and also you ride a bamboo train. This is more than a shaft, simply a motor and a wooden platform. Any one coming in opposite direction? Your are not so lucky and in case you hit one, in that case the lightest of the two has to be off track. That's well planned here! Accommodation is based on Bed and Breakfast.

Day 8 Battambang - Phnom Penh

Today we drive you by taxi to the capital of Cambodia,Phnom Penh. You stay overnight here in a hotel close to the city center. Walking on a few streets you have some nice restaurants and the well flanked boulevard. In the afternoon you will be picked up and we will take you to the mighty Mekong River, which starts at the foothills of the Tonle Sap lake and flowing through this city. During the boat trip, you see the sunset from the water, which is truly a very nice experience. On return you can come back at your own pace to the hotel or to one of the many restaurants in trendy Phnom Penh. Accommodation is again based on Bed and Breakfast basis.

Day 9 Phnom Penh

Also in Phnom Penh, the tuk tuk is literally the means of transport in the the city.

Your guide will pick you up at the hotel and show you the royal palace. The biggest attraction here is the Silver Pagoda with 5329 silver tiles on the floor. What Phnom is the most important temple of the city. According to legend, here your desire will come true! This draws Cambodians from far and wide to the temple.

The former Toul Sleng school building played a role as the prison in the Kmer Rouge period, where people were tortured and killed. This was a dark period in the country's recent history.

If we are with 3 participants, we are expected to follow a cooking lesson in the school for Khmer dishes, which thereafter you will consume deliciously. On your own pace, you will return to your hotel to pack your suitcases because tomorrow you will go to Sri Lanka! Accommodation based on Bed and Breakfast basis.

Phnom Penh temple
Phnom Penh temple

Day 10 Phnom Penh - Airport- Colombo - Bentota

You are being brought to the airport in Phnom Penh for your flight to Sri Lanka. Be careful! It can be that you come to Sri Lanka the following day, In that case your total holiday will be 25 days. Arrival in Sri Lanka and after a warm welcome transfer to the hotel in Bentota. Bentota is located on a lagoon on the West coast of Sri Lanka, 40 km from the capital. The river springs out into the sea here. Bentota has a lively center and it is well suitable for you after long flight to Sri Lanka. Your small-scale hotel is right next to the sea. Immediately the beautiful beach is right next to your door. Stay on Half Pension.

Day 11 Bentota - Tissamaharama

Look there! There is an elephant!
Look there! There is an elephant!

Via the tsunami photo museum in Telwatta and the tourist town of Hikkaduwa we drive through to Galle. The "Dutch fortified city of Galle" is known because of the star fort built here in the time the European colonizations. Thereafter along the beautiful south coast we drive you to Tissamaharama. From the hotel in Tissamaharama you will have an evening safari in the nearby Yala national park. Stay on Half pension basis.

Day 12 Yala - Sinharaja

Sri Lanka also has a very different other side, and we let you get to know it today. The rain forest of Sinharaja. We drive through the green inland and in the late afternoon you go inside the forest with a guide. Fortunately, your guide knows the way and he can tell you a lot about the nature of this UNESCO nature reserve. You stay amidst the greenery in a simple small eco guesthouse. Stay on Half pension basis.

Day 13 Sinharaja - Kitulgala

You perhaps know about The bridge over the river Kwai and probably remember the movie of the same name. The film is not only filmed in Thailand but also here in Sri Lanka in the Kitulgala town. It is a green area, and popularly known because of the movie, but also because of the outdoor activities. In the vicinity of the bridge, you go up the river for white water rafting. This is also suitable for families with children. You stay in Kitulgala. Stay on Half pension basis.

Day 14 Kitulgala - Ella

Magnificent tea plantations in the mountains of Sri Lanka
Magnificent tea plantations in the mountains of Sri Lanka

You take a ride through beautiful scenery to Ella. In Ella you have a lot of guesthouse to start various hiking trips. It is a village that is visited by many backpackers and there is a good atmosphere. You have local restaurants here where you can not eat delicious rice and curry for very little money. You stay in the area of Ella amidst beautiful nature surrounding the mountains. Stay on Half pension basis.

Day 15 Ella - Nuwara Eliya

Its the journey today by train through beautiful scenery. This beautiful journey takes you through tea plantations, along waterfalls and always beautiful mountain landscapes. You make this trip together with the locals according to the normal train timetable. During the ride you will definitely get in touch with a friendly fellow traveler. Sometimes music is made by Sri Lankan travelers, so do not look strange when you are asked if you want to join in. Your driver will wait for the station and bring you to the hotel for the following night. You stay in the vicinity of Nuwara Eliya amidst beautiful mountain nature. In Nuwara Eliya you probably will visit the evening bazaar where winter and ski clothes are sold in Sri Lankan market. You will find the most famous brands. Best handy to buy a sweater if you have not taken a sweater because it may be sometimes be cold in Nuwara Eliya due to its high location. Nuwara Eliya was once the courtyard for the wealthy English magistrates who needed rest and wanted to escape the warmth of the coast. The influence of the English is still to be found until today in Nuwara Eliya. Stay on Half pension basis.

Day 16 Nuwara Eliya

Today you go to the highlands Horton Plains. Horton Plains is an isolated plain on the high altitude of 2000 meters. British hunters went from Nuwara Eliya to Horton Plains to hunt for wild elephants and leopards. You can make beautiful walks through nature. the Wild animals mentioned are not to be found anymore. There is a beautiful walk to World's End, a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the lowland of Sri Lanka. In the afternoon we will return you to the hotel in Nuwara Eliya. Stay on Half pension basis.

You walk towards the viewpoint of World's End 
You walk towards the viewpoint of World's End 

Day 17 Nuwara Eliya - Kandy

Kandy, the second city of Sri Lanka, is the center of traditional culture in Sri Lanka. It is located in the middle of the mountains at an altitude of 525 meters. On one of the mountains, a huge white buddha looks over the city. During the afternoon you will arrive here and you will visit the Temple of the Tooth and see a dance show. Stay on Half pension basis.

Day 18 Kandy

Today you make a trip to Pinnawela where about 60 elephants have found shelter in the government-created orphanage. The rest of the day you have free time to spend in Kandy. This is where you stay this night too. Stay on Half pension basis.

The beautiful Kandy lake with the temple of the tooth
The beautiful Kandy lake with the temple of the tooth

Day 19 Kandy

Today you explore Kandy in all its facets. You visit some temples and the beautiful botanical garden. Kandy is beautifully situated at 525 meters altitude in a valley between the surrounding mountains and has an average temperature of 25 degrees . It is a pleasant Asian city to taste the atmosphere. The beautiful city lake and the lively market in the center of town are within walking distance. Stay on Half pension basis.

Day 20 Kandy - Dambulla

Today, on the way to Giritale, visit the Dambulla rock cave temple. Here we see the picturesque caves full of pictures, wall and ceiling paintings, the oldest of which are over 2000 years old. In addition to sitting, lying and standing statues of singhalese kings and gods, you will especially notice many brightly colored buddha images. Because the caves are about 350 meters high, you have a beautiful and expansive view of the surroundings. The caves and ruins of Ritigala show you how monks sought isolation from the earth without the usual rituals and Buddhas images. You overnight in Dambulla. Stay on Half pension basis.

Wall paintings in the Dambulla rock temple
Wall paintings in the Dambulla rock temple

Day 21 Dambulla-Polonnaruwa

You visit the royal city of Polonnaruwa. Polonnaruwa is the second, younger, royal city of Sri Lanka. Gal Vihara with four rock-cut images is such a place to sit on the rocks opposite the statues and mingle for hours.The round statue of Vatadage has beautiful moonstones and seated Buddha statues. By the evening you can make a safari in the Minneriya Park. Overnight in Dambulla on Half pension basis.

Day 22 Dambulla- Sigiriya

Sigiriya lion rock
Sigiriya lion rock

This day is a sign of elephants and lions. You make a visit to Sigiriya. Sigiriya's famous lion rock is already seen from afar. Around the rock were the residential areas for the ordinary people and the king lived on top of the rock in his castle. Half past your climb to the top you will pass beautiful 5th-century frescoes. The real climb begins between two huge lion paws, the reward is a beautiful view of the area. You stay again in Dambulla. Stay on Half pension basis.

Day 23 Giritale - Negombo

You depart today to Negombo, which is lying on the coast, for your last night in Sri Lanka, (If you like, you can extend your stay a couple of more days here or otherwise in Waikkal, a couple of kilometers North). Stay on Half pension basis.

Day 24 Negombo - Airport

Transfer to your airport to take your return flight back home.