About Singha holidays

Singha holidays is the travel organization for individual and the groups holidays to Sri Lanka. Our holidays are always sharp priced because we work always via the internet. This has spoken to many people and has proved worth it. It is not for nothing we are called the Sri Lanka specialist in the UK, and the biggest specialist for Sri Lanka for the Netherlands and Belgium.

André Ladenius visited Sri Lanka with his family for an adventurous vacation. Not long after his return to the Netherlands, Sri Lanka was hit by a heavy tsunami (2004). They decided to go back for help. There, they helped to build houses in Telwatta and provide people with resources to rebuild their lives. Telwatta is a village on the south-west coast near the place where the train was hit with an accident because of the destructive waves. The work there provided friends for life and extra family! Upon return, it was decided that something should be done with these helping projects. In 2006, Singha Travel saw the light and started as an internet travel agency in order to maintain the means to do that.

Bulding a house in Telwatta - Sri Lanka
Bulding a house in Telwatta - Sri Lanka

The philosophy of Singha holidays

We know what has been done in Sri Lanka because we have worked for ourselves. In addition, our philosophy differs from many other travel agencies. We are trying to make an active contribution to the prosperity of the country. We do this by supporting some of the projects in Sri Lanka as a contribution we get from our margins. With our local colleagues we work closely together for the best offer for Sri Lanka holidays. Our colleagues in Sri Lanka have years of experience (some with more than 25 years!). They are people we personally know and fit our intentions. Together with the team in the Netherlands, they will sponsor a well-organized Sri Lanka holiday and give guidance where necessary during your holiday. In addition, our local colleagues will serve you with word as well as deed during the day (and if necessary at night).

Social responsibility and recognition

Under the umbrella purposeful holidays, you can read about the projects we support with some of the travel agency's revenue. At the moment you becomes a guest of Singha holidays, you always contribute a bit to these projects. We are also affiliated with the VVKR and the GGTO. Then you have the guarantee to travel!

A tailor made holiday to Sri Lanka

Because we mainly work on the internet, we can offer these holidays for sharp prices. Our holiday offer on the website is mainly for to use as examples. You can book them as it is, but in 80% of the cases we make small adjustments or we can tailor made the holiday together with you. The customer is at the centre by Singha holidays.

Do you want to combine Sri Lanka with the Maldives or with the Indo-China culture of India,Cambodia,Vietnam or Laos, then choose one of our Sri Lanka combined holidays.